Wednesday, December 18, 2013


  • treat people with respect
  • look people in their eye
  • greet them with their names with enthusiastic voice and disposition
  • smile at people
  • listen to people attentively
  • make people feel important
  • catch people doing the right things and compliment them
  • recognise good talent
  • provide feedback to people on their performance


The World's Easiest And Most Effective Money Management System
  • FINANCIAL FREEDOM ACCOUNT (10%) - for saving and investment to generate more money
  • LONG TERM SAVINGS FOR SPENDING (10%) - for an expensive item like going for holiday or buying a plat-screen LCD TV
  • NECESSITIES ACCOUNT (55%) - for all your daily expenses
  • EDUCATION (10%) - for investing on your own or children education
  • GIVE ACCOUNT (5%) - for contributing to others
  • PLAY ACCOUNT (10%) - for celebrating your success