Thursday, November 14, 2013


  • Get good people - No great people !
  • Get the reputation for putting together a good team
  • Praise people
  • Careful on the criticism
  • Protect your investment in people by minimizing the negative office politics they may have to deal with
  • To keep good people, be a good cheer and good humor around them

Source - How To Act Like A CEO / Benton, D. A. / McGraw Hill

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Duly Noted !!!

"Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better. Don't wish for fewer problems, wish for more skills. Don't wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom."  - Earl Shoaf

Saturday, November 9, 2013


  • Assess the situation
  • Know what you are and how you are seen by others
  • Do not wish for the other person to be difference and do not expect him to be like you
  • Get communication going with him and determine what you need to do in order to gain his trust
"Managing difficult people successfully requires a good understanding of people, lots of empathy, excellent communication skills and a willingness to curb our own ego"

Friday, November 1, 2013

How to Be a GREAT Coach

  • BE A COACH not be a boss
  • MOTIVATE THEM not force them
  • ASK FOR THEIR OPINIONS not make your own decisions
  • ADMIT YOUR MISTAKE not achieve perfection
  • BE ACCESSIBLE not protect your privacy
  • BE A GOOD LISTENER not talk the talk
  • ASK GOOD QUESTIONS not have all the answers
  • WELCOME COMPLAINTS not stifle gripes
  • COACH ONE-ON-ONE not lecture the masses
  • WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE not use that big vocabulary
  • CELEBRATE THE DIFFERENCES not coach for conformity
  • EMPOWER INDEPENDENT EMPLOYEES not make yourself indispensable
  • MAKE THE CALL not reserve judgement
  • SOLVE PROBLEMS TOGETHER not provide all the answers
  • DELIVER THE BAD NEWS PERSONALLY not don't be the bad guy
  • DON'T ACT OUT OF ANGER not don't get mad
  • AVOID MEMO MANIA not put it in writing
  • MANAGE MEETING not abolish meetings
  • TRAIN THEM not expect them to know
  • STRESS THE POSITIVE not give 'em hell
  • REWARD WHAT YOU WANT not money talks
  • PROVIDE POSITIVE FEEDBACK not don't overpraise
  • ADVOCATE FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES not don't be just a cheerleader
  • JUST GET STARTED not start right
"Unfortunately, many employees go to work everyday without ever being asked for their opinions. They won't expect you to want their input unless you ask for it, and they may not trust you when you do. Be patient, walk your talk, and you'll win their trust and candor"

Source - How to Be a GREAT Coach / Marshall J.Cook / Mc Graw Hill

7 Ways to Manage Debts Wisely

  1. Control the use of credit cards
  2. Know where your money is flowing
  3. Minimise the "nice to have"
  4. Create a budget.
  5. Look for cheaper alternatives
  6. Stay away from temptations
  7. Remember to reward yourself

Source - AKPK / NST

Keys To Improve Job Performance

  1. Provide opportunities for people to use their knowledge and skills
  2. Motivate people to achieve more
  3. Implement better idea
  4. Encourage innovations and risk taking
  5. Seek out opportunities to capitalise on competency

Source - Appointment / NST

Matrix for 30 TPH Palm Oil Mill Project

  • Mill Throughput - 30 mt/hr
  • Plantation Area - 5,000 ha
  • Fresh Fruit Bunch (25 mt/ha) - 125,000 mt/year
  • Operating on 24 hours per day - 19.97 mt/hr
  • Operating on 20 hours per day - 23.96 mt/hr
  • Operating on 16 hours per day - 29.95 mt/hr 
  • Production of CPO per year (22%) - 27,500 mt
  • Production of PK per year (5%) - 6,250 mt
  • Management & Staff - 6 persons
  • Manpower requirements - 30 person / per shift
  • Total manpower - 96 persons / 3 shifts
  • Water requirements - 60 m3/hour
  • Electrical power requirements - 900 KW
  • Mill & Appurtenance - 6 ha
  • Effluents ponds - 6 ha
  • Project time schedule - 20 months

Source - Perunding AME