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" Every 1% loose fruit not collected contributes 0.3% OER depression "

Source - Engineering Bulletin / MPOB

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irama dari seberang ..... layan


Sebarang effluen yang dilepaskan ke alurair mestilah mematuhi piawai yang ditetapkan di dalam Jadual Kedua, Peraturan-Peraturan Kualiti Alam Sekeliling (Premis Yang Ditetapkan)(Minyak Kelapa Sawit Mentah) 1977, - P.U. (A) 342 ;

  1. pH adalah tidak melebihi 9.00 dan tidak kurang daripada 5.00.
  2. Kepekatan Oksigen Biokimia yang diperlukan (BOD 3 hari, 30C) adalah tidak melebihi 100 mg/l.
  3. Kepekatan Pepejal Terampai (SS) adalah tidak melebihi 400 mg/l.
  4. Kepekatan Nitrogen Ammonikal (AN) adalah tidak melebihi 150 mg/l.#
  5. Kepekatan Jumlah Nitrogen (TN) adalah tidak melebihi 200 mg/l.#
  6. Kepekatan Minyak dan Gris (O&G) adalah tidak melebihi 50 mg/l.
  7. Suhu tidak melebihi 45C.

# nilai contoh yang ditapis

Sumber - Jabatan Alam Sekitar Johor.

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life is a gift ......

Lifes Lessons

Sunday, 25 Mar 2012

Olivia Newton-John is a survivor of lifes many struggles, and she brings that sense of hope to her show in Genting next week.

OLIVIA Newton-Johns life story is so much about strength and endurance, that it makes most other famous peoples problems look like a babys tantrum session.

Think Kurt Cobains heroin habit, George Michaels driving malfunctions or Boy Georges episode with imprisoning a male escort, to name a few.

All this behaviour seems to come from a basic insecurity, which, when you think of it, pales in comparison to the life-threatening disease and the other hardships that someone like Newton-John had to endure.

The ugly twist of fate first happened in her life in 1992, when the English lass was stricken with breast cancer. That wasnt all a year later, she split from husband Matt Lattanzi and more was to come.

Tragedy struck again in 2005 when her then-boyfriend of nine years, Patrick McDermott, disappeared after an overnight fishing trip (he has since, reportedly, reappeared). Oh yes, her daughter, Chloe, also battled anorexia.

This is enough to send anyone else around the bend but the 63-year-old Newton-John has taken it all in her stride and beat cancer, too.

She is now married to entrepreneur John Easterling, still tours and even describes her breast cancer episode as a gift.

I wouldnt be doing cancer and wellness, and health treatments if I hadnt been through that experience. I reached a space of hope and healing through it, she said on the phone from her home in Florida, to promote her upcoming show here.

After beating cancer, she formed the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre, to provide treatment for the deadly disease. Her charity work didnt stop there, either.

She also is an ambassador to the United Nations Environmental Program, spokesman for the Childrens Health Environmental Coalition and is involved with the Red Cross, rainforest conservation efforts and others.

Newton-John has since been in a very peaceful place, psychologically, as her Grace And Gratitude album first revealed in 1997.

She explained her outlook on life that got her through the trying times.

Ive always had two feet on the ground. Besides music, Ive always had other interests ... such as animals. I love animals. At one time, I had nine dogs, seven cats and five horses. Things like drugs were always around me, but it just didnt interest me, said the evergreen singer.

Life is a gift and it is meant to be lived. We have to be grateful for the little things. For example, we have food on the table and not many people do, she philosophised, leading up to her March 29 concert at Gentings Arena Of Stars.

She first achieved pop success in the 70s and 80s with hits like Let Me Be There, I Honestly Love You, Youre The One That I Want (from the hit movie Grease) and Physical.

Over the phone, she laughed heartily, spoke about taking her dog for a drive in the car and waxed lyrical about the power of now.

The Australian-raised Newton-John may have had decades of recording history but claims that although she enjoys nostalgia, she doesnt live it. I live in the moment. Thats all we have, she says.

So, with all that zen in her life, does Newton-John ever ... ever, get angry? Yes! she affirmed with a laugh. I get angry when I see any harm that comes to animals or any kind of cruelty, she revealed. Still, anger seems to be a small part of Newton-Johns world, as her happiness and success are enviable.

Recently, Newton-John was voted one of Australias National Living Treasures, along with Kylie Minogue and a few others.

Its a fantastic feeling! Its better than being buried treasure!, joked the four-time Grammy winner.

Shes also feeling good about performing her second Malaysian show (she first performed here in 2007). Newton-John explained that the show is going to be a journey through her music over the past few years. From the early 70s stuff to the Grease stuff to Physical to my breast-cancer phase and my healing music. Its all there, she says.

And no, at the ripe age of 63, she wont be singing The Beatles When Im 64, either. Im not quite there yet, she laughed.

Besides recording and touring, she recently acted as a coke-snorting mother of the bride in the Australian comedy film A Few Best Men. That was fun. The director was an old friend of mine. He sent me the film script and I couldnt stop laughing when I read it, so I told him I wanted to be in it. Its not a big part but Im in it, she offered.

In addition to her big screen appearance, the singer also appeared as a guest on the hit TV show Glee, doing a version of Physical last year, which introduced her to a whole new generation of music fans.

It was a lot of fun, too. I must confess, I didnt know about the show until then.

Besides the talented performers on Glee, the Grease star also appreciates contemporary artistes like Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson and Rihanna, but chooses to listen to soothing instrumental music at home.

And when did she last speak to her Grease co-star John Travolta? About a month ago. Were working on a project together, she shared. We asked if shed care to elaborate but she politely declined. Nope! But its not about Grease! she replied.

Tickets for the Olivia Newton-John concert at Genting Arena Of Stars on March 29, which starts at 8pm, are priced at RM480, RM368, RM268 and RM168. For more info, call 03-2718 1118 or visit

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Palm Oil Biomass

Waste not the palm oil biomass


TheStar Mobile recommendation: 24,000 EPF contributors use savings to register for Haj pilgrimage

24,000 EPF contributors use savings to register for Haj pilgrimage

Monday, 26 Mar 2012

KUALA LUMPUR: Registration for Haj pilgrimage by depositors of the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) using their contributions to the fund received encouraging response with 24,000 depositors signing up since it was launched on Jan 3.

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### sekadar buat renungan .....

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A very good friday afternoon to all.
Sharing a beautiful n inspiring news story from Taiwan.
Have you ever carried your elderly parents ?
I have, piggy back style. What a feeling....


Filial son becomes news item in Taiwan

·         Staff Reporter 
·         2012-03-06
The photos and video of Ting Tsu-chi carrying his mother to the hospital have gone viral. (Internet photo)
The photos and video of Ting Tsu-chi carrying his mother to the hospital have gone viral. (Internet photo)
Filial piety has become a hot issue in Taiwan after video of a middle-aged man carrying his frail mother into the Chi Mei Hospital went viral, touching hearts all over the country. Now people want to know more about the man in the video.
On Sunday, the local Apple Daily confirmed the man's identity as Ting Tsu-chi, who retired from the Bureau of Investigation in the southern city of Tainan five years ago. He applied for early retirement in order to take care of his elderly mother. Three days ago, the video of Ting carrying his seriously ill mother to see doctors was reposted on the net repeatedly. Many netizens have dubbed him "the model of filial piety," and other users said he is the "25th filial exemplar," with his story titled, "He wrapped his mother in cotton cloth." The 24 Filial Exemplars is a classic text written on filial piety by Guo Jujing during the Yuan dynasty (1271-1368).
Ting Tsu-chi, 62, has stayed mum on the incident, and when reporters asked his former colleagues to ask him for an interview, he told his friends to tell the reporters, "These are my personal affairs, I would rather not."
His neighbors said they have hardly any interaction with Ting so they don't have any impression of him, yet when looking at the photo of him carrying his mother to the hospital, one neighbors said, "It's incredible to see such a scene in today's world."
Ting talked to his former boss Mo Tien-hu, currently the chief of the Tainan Bureau of Investigation, about the incident in a phone call, saying his mother has had a stroke and can't move well, and last month she broke her leg. Ting reportedly said that because his mother is fragile and thin, sitting in a wheelchair would be not suitable for her, as her broken leg could be hurt if it bumped into anything. He decided using a wrapping cloth to carry his mother would be the best option to take her into the hospital.
According to Mo, Ting's father died in 2006 and his mother was depressed after losing her husband. She asked Ting to take her back to mainland China to see relatives, and he complied. At the time, he was up for promotion at the Bureau of Investigation, but he passed it up to take care of his parents.
''When I was small, you carry me; When you grow old, I carry you'' newspaper commended as saying. These words touched many a heart.
''Filial piety'' is deeply embraced in ancient Chinese culture, teachings and philosophy. Keep sharing this beautiful story with your friends........



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" good things happen when you go for it.
without action nothing changes. "

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Ways to Eliminate Complacency

# Practise Strong Leadership
# Set Up SMART Goals
# Benchmark Against The Best
# Eliminate Corporate Politics

SMART - Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Time Driven

Source - 1Klassifieds / NST


Capacity : 7-8 MT of EFB/hr

Function :

# Shred empty fruit bunches to length of 2" - 4"

a) For boiler fuel
b) For composting fertilizer

# Shred oil palm fronds
# Shred oil palm trunk (treated trunk)
# Shred wood (wood waste)

Source - YKL Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

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  • Mula menyimpan wang untuk persaraan anda hari ini (jika anda belum berbuat demikian)
  • Menaikkan jumlah simpanan sebanyak yang boleh
  • Mulakan caruman KWSP anda (jika anda belum berbuat demikian)
  • Meminta majikan anda menaikkan bahagian caruman KWSP mereka kepada 19 peratus daripada gaji anda
  • Membina satu dana rizab bernilai sekurang-kurangnya tiga bulan perbelanjaan sara hidup anda
  • Membeli insuran nyawa dan perubatan yang secukupnya
  • Terus belajar tentang pengurusan kewangan
  • Menguruskan kewangan anda dengan lebih bijak
  • Beli rumah sendiri
  • Pastikan anda mempunyai insuran kebakaran untuk rumah anda
  • Terus melabur dalam dana unit amanah yang terpilih
  • Jangan mengambil hutang lapuk
  • Uruskan perbelanjaan anda dengan bijak
  • Mencipta sumber pendapatan tambahan
  • Menjaga kesihatan anda dengan menjaga makanan dan bersenam
  • Mulakan tabiat yang baik seperti membaca dan menghadiri seminar-seminar
  • Kekal dengan pasangan (perceraian adalah terlalu mahal

Sumber - Pesara Jutawan / Azizi Ali / TRUEWEALTH

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  • Parameter / Malaysian Clean Air Regulation 1978
  • Dust Emission Load @ 12% CO2 / 0.4 g/Nm3, dry


  • Parameter / Malaysian Clean Air Regulation 1978
  • Sulfuric Acid Mist, H2SO4 as SO3 equivalent (g/Nm3) / 0.2
  • Sulfur Dioxide, SO2 as SO3 equivalent (g/Nm3) / N.A.
  • Oxide of Sulfur, SOx as SO3 equivalent (g/Nm3) / N.A.
  • Oxide of Nitrogen, NOx as SO3 equivalent (g/Nm3) / 2.0

Source - Spectrum Laboratories.


  • Total Suspended Particulates (TSP) / AS 2724.3 / 260 micro.gram per m3
  • SO2 / ISC 704 A / 0.04 ppm
  • NO2 / ISC 408 / 0.17 ppm

# ISC : Inter-Society Committee

# AS : Australian Standard

Source - Spectrum Laboratories.


Capacity : 40 - 60 MT FFB / hr

Function :
  • Solution for big bunches and poor sterilization
  • To reduce % of Un-stripped Bunches
  • To increase sterilization capacity
  • To improve kernel recovery and oil recovery (indirectly)
  • To provide smooth operation of the empty bunches processing

Source - YKL Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

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Where :

A = Mill's Current Month Average Delivered CPO Price
B = Oil Extraction Rate
C = Mill's Current Month Average Ex-Mill Kernel Price
D = Kernel Extraction Rate
E = Mill's Processing Charges

Source - BEA.

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Model : BMWT 3533 SAT
Capacity : 35,000 kg/hr
HT Pressure : 50.25 barg
Design Pressure : 33.5 barg
Design Code : BS 1113/1999
Third Party : Lloyd Register

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@ ptdi south sumatera indonesia

### with my process operators...rajin2 kerja Pak.

happy birthday .....

### happy birthday to my new Staffs ..... wish for better wealth and health to you all.


  1. SENYUM - Baginda seorang yang murah dengan senyuman dan senyuman itu adalah sunah.
  2. SALAM - Baginda selalu mendahulukan memberi salam.
  3. SAPA - Baginda selalu mendahulukan menyapa dan bertanya khabar. Selepas itu Baginda sering berjabat tangan.
  4. SOPAN SANTUN - Baginda sentiasa sopan santun kepada semua orang termasuk kanak-kanak dan mereka yang lebih muda. Baginda tidak sombong dan takbur.

Sumber - Abdul Hadi Samsu / Facebook (Muslim Kelana / PTS Millennia)