Saturday, August 19, 2017


  • Set a goal
  • Stay focused
  • Visualise success
  • Celebrate success
  • Develop a passion

"There is no substitute for self-discipline. Intelligence, knowledge and skills are not enough."

"Setting goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. - SMART."

"FOCUS - Focus One Course Until Successful."

"Celebrating the 'small successes' in the journey of achievements is a good way of reinforcing one's motivation to continue to accomplish 'bigger successes' to come."

"American dancer, Martha Graham said it well : Great dancers are not great because of their technique ; they are great because of their passion."

Source : Dr Victor Tan / 1Klassified / NST

### interesting quote : a busy life makes prayer harder, but prayer makes a busy life easier.
### prayer instil discipline.

Success is ......


  • Lower construction cost with less machineries
  • High throughput
  • Low downtime
  • Minimum oil loss
  • Lower power consumption and wastewater discharge
  • Easy and safe to operate
  • Lower operation and maintenance costs
  • Minimum damage to FFB
  • Much smaller sterilisation station
Source : Besteel Berhad

### Challenging Question : Is there any relation between Tilting Steriliser and 3-MCPD?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

 Considering Unit Trusts

4 FACTORS to consider before investing in UNIT TRUSTS ;

  1. The first factor is known as Net Asset Value (NAV)
  2. The second factor is known as Management Expenses Ratio (MER)
  3. The third factor is the Portfolio Turnover Ratio (PTR)
  4. The fourth factor is known as the Fund's Volatility Factor (FVF)

Source : 1Klasified/NST/SCM

### still a lot to learn about unit trusts ### looking for a reliable adviser

Shift Your Mindset Towards Success

1. From Retrogressive Mindset To Progressive Mindset

2. From Inflexible Mindset To Resilient Minl
3. From Defeatist Mindset To Winning Mindset
4. From Complacent Mindset To Continuous Achieving Mindset
5. From Self-Centred Mindset To Team Player Mindset
6. From Unimaginative Mindset To Resourceful Mindset

What determines the success of a company? Intelligence, education and skills do not guarantee success.

Source : 1Klassified / NST

Aim for the stars ........ !!!