Sunday, June 6, 2010


The following recommendations are given by MPOB panel ;
  • good digester drainage plays an important role in reducing the broken nut in an indirect way as by ensuring that the press cone pressure can be reduced significantly resulting in least broken nuts.
  • the digester bottom plate must be able to extract 70% of the oil and only 30% extraction should be handled by the press.
  • the press cone could be set as low as possible if digester drainage is good.
  • the digester temperature should not be allowed to drop below 90C.
  • nut silo heaters are very useful as in it, the heat penetrates deep into the kernel and it gets dried to a large extent.
  • the bottom section of nut silo heaters are not provided with heaters but cold air will be blown through the ducting instead to allow the shell to cool so that the shell will not be remain elastic as otherwise in the nut cracker, nut will only be crushed but not cracked.
  • the ripple mills are manufactured by many workshops that are not well versed with the basic principles and as a result some of them are badly designed.
  • according to some experts, ripple mill must have 42 rods to be effective as a cracker. the best nut cracker, which is a magnificent machine for nut cracking.
Source - Engineering Bulletin / MPOB.

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