Friday, August 10, 2012

Milling Laws

Law No.1 : No Loose Fruits Shall be Left in the Field after the Day's Delivery of Crop

Law No.2 : Fruits Shall Not be Unloaded on Hopper Apron under Any Circumstances

Law No.3 : The Best Sterilizer Design Shall Have the Least Empty Space

Law No.4 : Air Released by Bunches Must be Evacuated Continuously to Maintain Good Heat Transfer to Bunches

Law No.5 : The Requirement of Different Sterilization Regimes for Crop of Difference Ripeness Shall be Strictly Adhered to

Law No.6 : Stripper Bunch Feeding Shall be Even and Well Regulated

Law No.7 : The Digester Stirrer Blade Tip Clearance Shall Not Exceed 6 mm

Law No.8 : Too Much Oil in the Digested Mash will Not Allow a Good Pressing as the Fruits will Become Slippery during Pressing

Law No.9 : Over Dilution Raises Absolute Losses and Also Effluent Production

Law No.10 : A Modified Crude Oil Tank Capable of Creating a Laminar Flow Regime is Desirable for Improved Separation of Sand from the Crude Oil

Law No.11 : Use only Positive Displacement Pump for Crude Oil Pumping. Centrifugal Pump Causes Emulsification of Crude Oil

Law No.12 : Before Clarifying Crude Oil Remove as Much Solids as Possible from it Using a Decanter

Law No.13 : Reduce as Much Oil in the Clarifier Underflow as Possible to Reduce the Overall Oil Loss in the clarifier

Source - N Ravi Menon / Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin / MPOB

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