Friday, November 30, 2012

Key Issues of Low OER

The NKEA ( Malaysian - National Key Economic Area) Laboratory had identified the key issues affecting the low OER performance. They are as follows ;
  • Inconsistent qualities of fresh fruit bunches are delivered to palm oil mills.
  • Inefficient mills with relatively high oil losses to fresh fruit bunches exceeding 1.8%.
Six strategies have been identified to address the key issues ;
  1. Improve the quality of FFB delivered to the mill with assistance from MPOB enforcement officers.
  2. Enforce proper grading of FFB consignments, based on guidelines published by MPOB.
  3. Millers and FFB traders shall employ competent graders, certified by MPOB.
  4. FFB price shall be based on the quality of FFB received.
  5. Improve the milling efficiency.
  6. Enforce Good Milling Practice (GMP) in mills by mandating mill certification schemes like CoP or other similar standards.

Source - Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin / MPOB.

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