Thursday, May 1, 2008


Main parameters ;

  • Mill throughput
  • Operation hour
  • Estimate effluent production - 0.8 to 1.0 t/t FFB
  • Daily effluent production
  • HRT = Liquor volume / Daily effluent production

Legend ;

  1. d - Working depth of liquor
  2. L1 - Length of pond at top water level
  3. L2 - Length of pond at bottom water level
  4. W1 - Width of pond at top water level
  5. W2 - Width of pond at bottom water level
  6. Tph - Tonne per hour of FFB process
  7. t/t - Tonne per tonne

Formula used for calculating pond/liquor volume ;

V = Depth [ A + a + /A.a ] x 1/3


  • V - Volume
  • A - Area of pond at top water level or L1 x W1
  • a - Area of pond at bottom water level or L2 x W2
  • d - Working depth of water or liquor

# /A - square root of A


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