Thursday, October 8, 2009


  • As at 2008, Malaysia has about 406 palm oil mills
  • For every 1 ton palm oil effluent discharged, about 28 m3 of biogas is generated
  • The biogas generated from all the 406 palm oil mills will be about 1.4 billion m3 annually
  • This biogas comprises about 65% methane
  • As methane is a greenhouse gas that is 21 times the global warming of carbon dioxide, the free emission of biogas to the atmosphere could bring detrimental effects to the environment

Source - MPOB

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a.z said...

Dear En. Zainal,

Why hasn't biogas for power generation under SREP not gain momentum? Do you have the numbers of biogas project in Malaysia that have gone into commercial operations.

I would also like to know more about the millers collective view of EFB fuel power plant for grid connection. Why is it so difficult to convince millers to let go of the EFB for a nominal sum say RM 5/ton when it is currently a waste.

Please email me at

I would love to hear your views.