Saturday, October 17, 2009

What is DOBI ?

  • Acronym for "Deterioration of Bleaching Index"
  • Easily obtained by simple spectrophotometric measurement and is used to predict the ease of bleaching of crude palm oil during refining
  • Is defined as the numerical ratio of the uncorrected absorbance at 446nm to that at 269nm
  • DOBI = (Absorbance at 446nm) / (Absorbance at 269nm)
  • Crude palm oil quality : DOBI - Good (3-4) ; Average (2-3) ; Poor (<1)
  • Absorbance 446 is related to carotene content
  • Absorbance 269 is related to secondary oxidation of crude palm oil
  • Factors effecting these two parameters will thus also affect the DOBI value
  • To have good DOBI value, attempts must be taken to minimise deterioration of carotene and also oxidation
Source - T.S.Tang /MPOB

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