Wednesday, November 18, 2009


  • Palm oil players embrace recommended procedures throughout the production chain to gain universal acceptance.
  • The code of practice (COP) introduced by Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) last year is set to enhance the reputation of Malaysian palm oil in meeting the demands of an increasingly health and environment conscious market.
  • The COP which is voluntary at the moment, will assist the industry in the sustainable production of palm oil and help it develope trade and market accessibility internationally.
  • The code covers the entire oil palm cycle and includes the Code of Good Agricultural Practice for Oil Palm Estates and Smallholdings, Code of Manufacturing Practices for Palm Oil Mill, Code of Good Refining Practice for Palm Oil Refineries, Code of Good Practice for Palm Kernel Crushers, and Code of Good Practice for Storage and Transport of Processed Palm and Palm Kernel Oil in Bulk.
  • The elements in the COP cover basically the main standard operating procedures of the process from the nursery to the bulking installation and transport.
  • The important requirements are food safety, quality and sustainability.

Source - Malaysian Business


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