Friday, November 6, 2009


  • Total area under oil palms = 4.48 million ha or 13.1% of total land area or 67% of agricultural area.
  • 41% of world's palm oil production and 47% of world's exports. Malaysia is No.2 in production and No.1 in exports.
  • 11% of world's total oils and fats production and 27% of world's oils world's oils and fats exports.
  • Provides direct employment to 570,000 people, excluding other multiplying effects and spin-off activities.
  • Oil palm occupies 4.48 million ha or less than 2% of total area (233 mil) under global oilseed cultivation or 0.09% of world total agriculture areas.
  • NGO claim palm oil cause deforestation and global warming BUT what about 99.91% of agricultural land in other countries that was formerly mostly forest land ?
  • Significant foreign exchange earner - RM 65.2 billion in 2008.
  • Oil palm is the backbone of country's development and political stability.
  • Malaysian palm oil is consumed in over 150 countries worldwide. Latest trend in Friends of Earth (FoE) headlines - "Palm Oil Plantations not helping anyone". The NGO must be getting desperate to issue such negative statements.

Source - Trends and Potentials of Malaysia's Plantation Sector / Tan Sri Datuk Dr Yusof Basiron / MPOC

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