Wednesday, March 10, 2010

IDRIS JALA - NKRA : Mission Possible

  • Idris Jala (former Malaysian Airlines CEO) , who is incharge of Malaysian Government Transformation Programme (GTP) , said he faced two main challenges in meeting the targets - the resistant of people to change, and limited financial resources.
  • He said politicians were the hardest people to change as they wanted to remain popular.
  • On transport congestion in KL - " People tell me : ' Datuk Seri, we know the solution a long time a go, ' so why did't they do it before.'
  • He said it was important for the top leader, in this case - the Prime Minister to agree with the ideas.
  • " Get him to desperately want it. If he doesn't want it, then forget it. If people at the top and bottom want it, then the people in the middle - the ministers and secretaries general - have no choice, " he said.
  • " With the support from the ground , can those in the middle say they they don't want it ? " he said.

Source - STAR

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