Monday, October 21, 2013

Learning from the FROG and SCORPION

The story goes like this : A frog is looking to cross a river on a rainy day. As he is about to swim across, a scorpion comes up to him and asks, "Frog, can you give me a lift across the river ?. I can't swim and I need your help."

The frog replies, "You must be crazy. You are a scorpion !. You might sting me and I will die." The scorpion retorts, "Don't be foolish !. If I sting you and you die, I will drown." Upon hearing this, the frog agrees to help him.

Halfway across the river, the scorpion stings and paralyzes the frog. As the frog begins to sink, he asks the scorpion why he broke his promise. The scorpion replies, "Frog, I know it's foolish of me to sting you, but I have a problem. You see, I'm a scorpion and I'm born to sting. I can't change.

# ONE OF THE GREATEST DIFFICULTIES in management is dealing with resistance to change.

Source - Quest for Excellence / KC See / Quest Group

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