Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Service required before starting every day ;
  • Check any defects found by previous inspection.
  • Remove dust, mud and oil from the loader.
  • Check all of the parts for oil leak.
  • Check hydraulic hoses and piping for damage.
  • Check engine oil for level and contamination.
  • Check fuel tank for level.
  • Drain off water from water sedimenter.
  • Check cooling water for level and radiator fin for contamination.
  • Check air cleaner dust indicator.
  • Check instruments, monitors (warning lamps), lights, horn and back-up buzzer for operation.
  • Check brake oil supply tank for level.
  • Check torque converter / transmission oil level.
  • Check tires for pressure and damage and wheel bolts for looseness.
  • Check brake pedal for operation, braking effect and play.
  • Check accelerator pedal for operation and the color of exhaust and exhaust sound.
  • Check parking brake for operation and braking effect.
  • Check steering wheel for play and operation.
  • Check sideview mirrors damage and mounting bolts for looseness.
  • Check canopy, cab, seat belts for damage and mounting bolts for looseness.
Source - TCM Wheel Loader / Toyo Umpanki Co. Ltd.

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