Tuesday, September 24, 2013

KARTINI : being true to YOURSELF

" You have to ask yourself what you want in life. I am not into being very status-conscious. What important to me is that I am happy and I am at peace with what I am doing "
" You have to be very definite about what you want in life. Learn to say no. Most of us say yes to make people happy. What we can control we control and what we can't we should learn to let go. Some things you can't get in life, you can't be harping on it. You have to learn to move on "
" Life is more than just about making money. You need pockets of euphoria in your life, not just money. Life is not about looking for worth or adulation. It is all about looking to do your best, the rest will follow "
# Kartini Illias - owner of iKarrtini Boutique KLCC

Source - Malaysian Business


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