Friday, November 1, 2013

How to Be a GREAT Coach

  • BE A COACH not be a boss
  • MOTIVATE THEM not force them
  • ASK FOR THEIR OPINIONS not make your own decisions
  • ADMIT YOUR MISTAKE not achieve perfection
  • BE ACCESSIBLE not protect your privacy
  • BE A GOOD LISTENER not talk the talk
  • ASK GOOD QUESTIONS not have all the answers
  • WELCOME COMPLAINTS not stifle gripes
  • COACH ONE-ON-ONE not lecture the masses
  • WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE not use that big vocabulary
  • CELEBRATE THE DIFFERENCES not coach for conformity
  • EMPOWER INDEPENDENT EMPLOYEES not make yourself indispensable
  • MAKE THE CALL not reserve judgement
  • SOLVE PROBLEMS TOGETHER not provide all the answers
  • DELIVER THE BAD NEWS PERSONALLY not don't be the bad guy
  • DON'T ACT OUT OF ANGER not don't get mad
  • AVOID MEMO MANIA not put it in writing
  • MANAGE MEETING not abolish meetings
  • TRAIN THEM not expect them to know
  • STRESS THE POSITIVE not give 'em hell
  • REWARD WHAT YOU WANT not money talks
  • PROVIDE POSITIVE FEEDBACK not don't overpraise
  • ADVOCATE FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES not don't be just a cheerleader
  • JUST GET STARTED not start right
"Unfortunately, many employees go to work everyday without ever being asked for their opinions. They won't expect you to want their input unless you ask for it, and they may not trust you when you do. Be patient, walk your talk, and you'll win their trust and candor"

Source - How to Be a GREAT Coach / Marshall J.Cook / Mc Graw Hill

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